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Allen Key

Fifteen truths about you

Allen Key

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I'm stoned, i'm not prey so come here and let me say
I like you like your smile, i like every detail that makes you like that
I'm fucked 'cause i am so far away from you
But what else can i do, if my words don't take me back to you

You're not fat, you're ain't a liar, you just give me the desire
To hold and hug you, i would like to spend every second beside you
Your lips taste so good that i could kiss them all day
To be my friend you were such a fool you were always telling me stories about you

You hear me, you're not dumb, you have a big heart and
You love watching that stupid program, you like to hear a song to make your tears dry. your voice has changed my world every time i hear it
I start to fly in the sky and in the same moment
I imagine your yellow eyes

I thought we were the same

But if i heard you why don't you let me sleep
I know you didn't say everything
Our relation is so strong but i'm still afraid that one day you'll go away.
And if i miss you baby what am i going to do?
Why don't you love me if i love you
I'd fall in a hole for you
And these were 15 truths about

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