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Allay The Sea


Allay The Sea

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As i see your face,

Drowning in the tears,
That you brought upon yourself
And now all you hold in your hand,
Is regret

The truth is the hardest part to swallow,
As the mask you wear, has molded to your face

The guilt will eat away at your soul,
Through this endeavor of recrence

The sadistic self loathing,
Being beneath the skin was,
To show no mercy,
To these blood-stained waters

Of condemned souls and fallen dreams

What have you become in this world?

As you ask yourself why,
Why am i even here?

You'll choke on regret in
These blood stained waters

As i am treading through these fluid thickened waves,
Its getting harder to breathe
As i look to sky
Will it be the last thing that i see?
As im gasping for air
Now im gasping for air
As i tread into the depths of this ocean
Will he welcome me with open arms?

With open arms..

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