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All In Vain

The Longed Wisdom

All In Vain

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All my life
I've been astray
Searching for wisdom
Which I will erase
Standing ablaze
In the holy light
As stranger aeons
Are creeping inside of me
The knowledge of a thousand years
Revealing the secrets of Necro Daemon
A requiem for me
A suffering to you
An evil warning is all that I see
The howling stars are calling my name
They say: "Nothing but ashes surely will remain!"
Panoramic vision is undefined
Calmness in mental lake
An ever-expanding sphere
Infinity within consciousness
"Into delight he fell to hear her whisper woman's lore so well"
A sacred gift
Won't be damaged
From all the evil
Which I keep inside
But now gargoyles
Of a glorious past
They're rebuking me
For time is a test
As I struggle through the corridors
Of my overactive imagination
The wind rages with my tears
As a thief into the night
The Longed Wisdom

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