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2 acessos

A silent earthquake
Ripples along all senses
Invisible sirens spin astral beacons
Pull strings along the web of nerves
Tighten the noose around the core
Like sleep the vessels grow
Soaking in elysian juice
And craving more
Invoking in the deep the source
Of the glow
Gentlest trembles fl ow like streams
With every breath resistance bleeds
Swoon turns fl esh to lucid dreams
Of older spheres - and the torrent feeds
Through swelling ether - a raptured lilt
Through throbbing fl esh the neurons fl y
Minds dissolve in wanton tilt
Like angels falling from the sky
In daath I emerge
Limitless, trailing light as mere shadow
In chokmah I enter
In tiphareth I strike
Secreting pulses
Nectar of the gods
In kether I abide
Source of the glow

Parallels merge in purity
Into a center of gravity
A hungry singularity
Gathered and harvested, never attached
As the pull of dark matter
Bends the stars with unseen hands
My spark sets creation in motion
From humblest cell to grandest lord
Amygdala beckons to the dance
Which fear itself abhors

Where there was nothing
Now want is pulsing
The lie of self exposed as the joke it is
From primal urge and quantum foam
And hungry vacuum
A dimension is born
Free-fl owing fi elds awaken orgiastically
Earth themselves as untouchable shadow
Love under will propels the vessel
The temporary weave in the fabric of
Worlds that is I

Massless bliss - oxytoxic tachyons
Endowed in ubiquity
Cannot be dragged into the
Subluminal swamp
The blind observer reduced to a toy
Riding the pulse to where alpha
And omega meet
Spectres gather at the fringe
Of incarnation
Accelerate to escape velocity
Momentum, take us to the other
Side of life

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