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Funeral For a Continent


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Under the world
In timeless frost and fire cocooned
Cloaked in winged death
A vast tectonic moon

Ten million years
Scorching rock and flesh, descend
Howl their epitaph
A funeral for a continent

Within the naked bones of earth
Crushed in mummified embrace
Where stony fangs claw into space
A slow cold heart awaits rebirth

Rumbling in his grave
Pounding in the deep
Putrid fuming erebus
Stirs in his sleep

And from the east
The storm's atrocious blades
Bring heaven's wrath
Skewer and cascade
Upon the brave
Desperately they creep
Ride the tail of the buried beast

Above the skeleton of God
In endless midnight, spectres dance
Where land and sky in endless trance
Dream in the dark of living blood

Lie in wait
Bide their time
Craving flesh

Man against rock
Heart against ice
With devil's tongues the mountain calls
Bodes blinded glory
To the worm that crawls
Taunts mortality

Eyeless whiteness
With devil's tongues the mountain calls

A summons for the damned
Shades of azrael
With devil's jaws the mountain mauls

Yawning chasms, ghostly waters
Falling through a maze of blue
A quick demise for him who falters
Worlds born anew for him who knew

That underneath this silent death
A frozen chthonic empire lies
In crystal pressure draws cold breath
Awaking slowly beneath the ice

And from the summit
The other side reveals no drop
But 24 million billion tons
Of living, shifting tombstone
For a forgotten world

To elevate
Our vermin fate
In the abyss
We take the bait

Defy the weight
Of earth and sky
Rejoice to die
For one brief kiss

Deep in the bowels of the earth
Magma heaves towards the void
Unseen thaw feeds mangled rock
And within it, secret life

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