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There's a spoonful of coffee in a cup on the counter
Waiting for the water while she waits for him to call
There's a song that she's singing in her head over and over
And a picture of her wearing white hangin on the wall

They took their vows she wears his ring
She promised she would be his everything

Romeo why won't you come home

There's a statement from the bank in the box at the post office
There's a few more bills to pay, an account that's overdue
And this 2nd job he's workings gotta help them out someday
If only he could find a way to buy her something new

They took their vows she wears his ring
He promised he would be her everything

But Romeo ain't coming home to Juliet
They haven't even spent a year together yet
The nights are cold and lonely and the days they seem so long
How can something right become so wrong?
Romeos hours are so long

He tries and he tries while she croes and she cries
She just wants him standing by her side
She doesn't see the love he has inside

There's a missed call on the mobile dialled from his home number
And a message saying baby, don't bother coming home
You must be seeing someone cos I never get to hold you
I hope that you're happy if you end up all alone

He buys a bunch of flowers from the servo on the corner
And takes her home a payslip from that other job he does
He says baby I been working, so we can have the nice things
I didn't mean to hurt you I was trying to show you love

They took their vows she wears his ring
From now on they're sharing everything.

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