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Ali tem o estilo Black Music e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Carry On (Faith Ost) (tradução)", "Grillz (Nelly ft. JD, Paul Wall, Gipp, Ali)", "Hurt (rooftop Prince Ost)".

642 acessos

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  1. 360
  2. 365 Days
  3. A Love Is Forgotten by Another Love
  4. Air Force Ones (Nelly ft.Ali,Murphy Lee,Kyjuan)
  5. Beast
  6. Because Of Me
  7. Bitch
  8. Boughetto
  9. Breathe In, Breathe Out
  10. Carry On (Faith Ost)
  11. Carry On (Faith Ost) (tradução)
  12. Collection Plate
  13. Cool As Hell
  14. Crucial
  15. Dem Boyz (Nelly ft. St.Lunatics,Ali,Murphy Lee,Kyjuan)
  16. Don't Act Foolish
  17. Drop Top
  18. Eraser
  19. Getcha Getcha (Nelly ft. St. Lunatics, Ali, Murphy Lee, Kyjuan)
  20. Go Ahead
  21. Goodbye
  22. Grillz (Nelly ft. JD, Paul Wall, Gipp, Ali)
  23. Grillz (Nelly ft. JD, Paul Wall, Gipp, Ali) (tradução)
  24. How Could This Be
  25. Hurt (rooftop Prince Ost)
  26. I Got This
  27. Intro
  28. Missing You
  29. My Dream (Empire Of Gold Ost)
  30. No
  31. Ore-Ore-O
  32. POOM (Ali feat. Horan)
  33. Serious (Bonus Track)
  34. Shining Is Blue (feat. Junsang Yu)
  35. Songs Can't Lie
  36. St. Louis Alumni (Bonus Track)
  37. St.Lunatics (Nelly ft. Murphy Lee,Ali,Kyjuan)
  38. The Vow
  39. Walk Away (Bonus Track)
  40. What is LUV (feat. Loco)
  41. Wiggle Wiggle
  42. You Bring Tears to My Eyes
  43. Ziugae
  44. 펑펑(Pung Pung)

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