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Algebra Suicide

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Algebra Suicide

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A is for adventure.
B is for bauble.
C is for can and the questions it poses:
Can truth be found? Can we go to the bathroom? Can we set your hair on fire?
Yes you can, but you may not.
D is for dunce cap.
E is for egghead.
F is for that word that you can't say on Sunday.
G is for goosestep.
H is for husking bee.
I is for ego, and
J is for jujube.
K is for kumquat or kneecap or kiss, defined as a salute of the lips.
L is for Latin, like red-hot and sweating in a bright yellow sports car
[unclear lines]
Or cavern-like dwellings, or buzzing in the heads of brilliant young surgeons.
M is for monocles, worn by stern-looking women.
N is for novice, a bachelorette nun.
O is for oyster, and
P is for pleasant, used to describe women who don't carry guns.
Q is for quickie (quirky?)
R is for roses, which people drop every day.
S is for saint, and
T is for tiger lily, a handsome young flower.
U is for urban.
W for windbag, a bag to hold wind.
X is for Xerox.
Y is for yaya, and
Z is for zest! A spicy flavor, a pleasant relish, a keen enjoyment, as in:
"The audience applauded the band with zest."

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