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Alexlicious tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "I'm not crazy", "And Now?", "No way".

164 acessos

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  1. And Now?
  2. Baby I do this, baby I do that
  3. Don't be afraid
  4. Don't Wish With The Day That You Turn It Up
  5. Don't You
  6. Dreams
  7. Everything
  8. Girl, You're hot
  9. Goin' Stupid
  10. I can do it better
  11. I like it
  12. I saw you
  13. I used to love the great time
  14. I'll be your maid
  15. I'm not crazy
  16. It Was Of a Magical Kind
  17. It's Gettin' Hot Here
  18. It's not like that
  19. Listen
  20. Make me high
  21. Me and Me
  22. Nasty Girls
  23. No way
  24. Nobody Loves Me
  25. Open your mind
  26. Since I Was In This Way
  27. Tell me
  28. To Receive the same
  29. Town Bridge
  30. Trouble Is Coming Over Me
  31. Untouchable
  32. What i win with you
  33. Where Will We Brush My Hair
  34. Whoa!

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