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Alexander Hacke

Nauseous Waltz

Alexander Hacke

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Nightfall’s sea salt
Lucid dreaming
Liquid eyeballs
Cuts like a knife
Fresh and foul taste
Golden dawning
Craving for apples
Right to the bone
Solitude eastward
My secret garden
Milk and liquorices
Nauseous waltz
Little children
A voice from the abyss
Wounded penguin
Laughing out loud
Welcome explosives
Grey, pink and mustard
Driving me sideways
Lips broken bad
Burning hair soup-dish
I take my boots off
Holy blood leopard
Raining on time
The meadow sweats lightly
Call for a breastbone
Tuck in your car-wreck
All hail hollow truth!
Melon-head captain
Dropped from the rooftop
Rest spicy seagull
Hold my left ink
Kill myself ticket
Clockwise abundance
Roaring in silence
Now it’s your turn
Hey mister halo
Frightened old tonsil
Watch her unravel
Stone boner eel
Heaps of heart candy
I am not know-how
Slicing the elbow
Hooray flashy hell!
Wind from the dungeon
My old friend ginger
Help jesus sell out
Floating steak knife
How long is never?
Free colonel sanders
Ducks, pigs and satan
Smell a wild tongue
Lightning white mug-shot
Feeling ant weather
He says: “i care.”
Oh my, oh my
The wall operatic
Thump, honk and hamper
A kiss is an overdose
Whirling unkind
Eek eek rrr eek
Whoo-ee eek eek
Tock tock tock ooh-ee
Ring ding ding dog
Brothers and sisters
Where are we headed?
We can’t make sense of it
The blind lead the blind
I dare not to shut up
I will make a leap for it
It’s time to wake up now
We’re running out of time

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