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Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega tem o estilo Pop Rock e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Game Over (tradução)", "Isle of Dreams (tradução)", "Let The Monster Rise".

400 acessos

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  1. At The Opera Tonight
  2. Chase The Morning
  3. Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You
  4. Forever Your Song
  5. Game Over
  6. Game Over (tradução)
  7. Genetic Emancipation
  8. Heart Drive
  9. I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much
  10. Infected
  11. Isle of Dreams
  12. Isle of Dreams (tradução)
  13. Let The Monster Rise
  14. Lost In Your Own Life
  15. Lost In Your Own Life (tradução)
  16. Needle Through A Bug
  17. Now When I Close My Eyes
  18. Possibilities
  19. Seventeen
  20. The Island Of Lost Dreams
  21. The Way It's Gonna Be
  22. Too High A Price
  23. What Chance Has A 17 Year Old Girl?
  24. When I Close My Eyes
  25. You Are Where I Live
  26. Zydrate Anatomy

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