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Alex Lifeson

The Big Dance

Alex Lifeson

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I've seen so many faces, and always left my mark
I've kissed so many faces, lips smooth, just like a shark
I have no friends, I hope that's understood
I take what I can take, when the taking's good
It's not for love but I'll gladly take your money
I can pretend to be so sad or funny
You'll just love the way I move when I dance
My young hips, they know how to entrance
Nevermind him, he's not here now
It's really not my problem anyhow

An angel of love is what I may appear
Your lonely ache, I can make, dissappear
Yes, take me deep inside so I can heal your pain
No angel of love takes another man's gain

You want to keep me held inside your cage
You best remember, you're twice my age
You think I'll wan't you for evermore
It's only been two weeks, and you're such a bore
I can see you're new to this, you don't know the rules
You're just another one in a long line of fools

Can you be happy for one moment in your life
It doesn't bother you you're someone else's wife

An angel of love is what I may appear
What I really am is really not so clear
I don't live for love, you sticky bitch
All I care about is if you're rich
You decide if you still want to play this game
The price to you for this is nothing will ever be the same

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