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Alex Aiono

Same Girl

Alex Aiono

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Yo, Will
What up, bro?
Wanna introduce you to this girl, think I really love this girl
Man, she's so fine
Straight up, dawg
She stands about 5'4", Coca Cola, red bone
She drives a black Durango
License plate say Angel
Tattoo on her ankle
Plus, she's making pesos
Got a crib on Peachtree (Peachtree?)
Right on 17 street
And I call her TeTe

Wait a minute, hold on, dawg
Do she got a kid? (Yep)
She love some waffle house? (Yep)
Do she got a beauty mark on the left side of her mouth? (Man..)
Went to Georgia Tech? (Yup) Works for TBS? (Yup)
Man, I can't believe this shit, damn
Tell me what's wrong dawg, what the hell you damnin' 'bout?
I'm your homie so just say what's on your mind
Man, I didn't know that you were talkin' 'bout her
So man you telling me you know her?
Do I know her? Like a pastor know his word

(We messing with the same girl, the same girl)
How could the love of my life
And my potential wife be the
(The same girl, same girl)
Man I can't believe that
We've been messing with the
(The same girl, the same girl)

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