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Alessandra Maestrini

I Love You (eu Te Amo)

Alessandra Maestrini

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Oh, If we've already lost track of the hours
If we've already lost track of what's ours
Just tell me how am I supposed to go


Since the day we met
You've turned my mind into dreams and desire
I left the world behind, it's set on fire
Please, tell me where am I allowed to go

If in eternal naughty nights of merry-making
I thought your legs were mine almost mistaken
Tell me whose legs are there to walk me out

If our luck and destiny is every part
If in the mad house that became your heart
My blood mistook a vein and lost its way

Could I, in the disorder of the inlaid locker
Release the sleeve of dress from your pocket
And make our shoes forget that they can waltz

Could I, after a night where love is just divine
Your scent is in my skin mucho more than mine
Say with what nerves am I supposed to leave

No, I think you're playing foolish you could tell me
I gave my eyes to you so you could save me
Now could you tell me how could I just leave

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