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Alchemy X

A Kiss Before Dying

Alchemy X

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In silent shades…the early dawn colors the mourning sky
As I awake - as I awake from fitful sleep and memories
Does time exist to torture love and cripple dreams?
The words that cut so deeply
What I felt for you
It seems so far away...

Alone yet unforgiven
Your lips the cold machinery
Turned low by the morning light
All the pain we share means nothing
When I stare into the vacuum of your eyes
What hope could there be now?

Why do we take this path that leads to certainty?
Hoping that just this once
The movie has a different ending
But there you are in cruel repose and here am I alone
Another chapter in this book of fools

Waiting for the walls to crumble as the light shines in
The poison words - the gentle daggers to a jaded shrine
Who's to know what eloquence became a fait complit?
An actor's line that echoes always in my mind…

Falling - Falling - in and out of my life
Falling - Falling - is this really truth or lies?
In all my fevered dreams - you never say the words
The world it always wins
This afterimage burns my memory

Falling-Falling-in and out of my life
Falling-Falling-like embers from a fire
In all my fevered dreams
We go our separate ways
It always ends the same
Frozen cries Lifeless eyes
A kiss upon my lips before I die…

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