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Albion tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "The Crimson Angel Of Judecca", "Carry The Rings", "Angel Eye".

75 acessos

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  1. Angel Eye
  2. Carry The Rings
  3. Dream Of Albion
  4. Elements
  5. Enter The Labyrinth
  6. Molloko Vellocette
  7. Navigator
  8. No Way Home
  9. One Perfect Soul
  10. Promise
  11. Red Versus Blue
  12. Rockin' Around the Radio
  13. Signal From The Sky
  14. The Crimson Angel Of Judecca
  15. The Secrets Of An Island
  16. The Swarm
  17. The Truth
  18. This Corruption
  19. Unreality

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