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Hold On


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With this rebel mind
No place could ever be home
Freedom is my only friend tonight
Waiting for more
I can't stand the tears
And I can't stand the cold side of things
I don't really care what people think
About me
You all believe, what they want you to believe
They'll never give you a chance
It's hard to say why
I feel like a motherless child
But I'm strong enough to break the spell
You're under
Finding your way out
Is a lonesome road to nowhere
It will be full of danger and doubt
We all believe, what they want us to believe
But in my heart, no more reason to give
Trying to find the good and the bad from this
Sometimes I wonder how long I can resist
Hold on, Hold on to your needs
Hold on to the colour of your dreams
[No fear, no compromise]
One night, one night all alone
To hear the voice who's calling outside
(One step to the sun)
Wherever I'll go, I will learn to know
More ways to say no...
Come with me, can't you see, try to understand
No place could ever be home
Freedom is my only friend
They lose control and I'm the one who pays
[No fear, no compromise]
One step to touch the sun

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