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Alabama Thunderpussy

Ol' Unfaithful

Alabama Thunderpussy

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I set the trap for the clever rat
Had him hooked when he smelled the food
Surprised myself with the catch
Lacing the bait with solid truth
Seems to work like a weak willed fool
It's something you can't refuse

Suspended in the air held up high by the tail
Easy to escape the cage but not the scent
Left on your trail

Showing teeth from cheek to cheek
Guarding your wants ignoring needs
Thief or riches heartless and cold
Waiting till 12 to crawl out of your hole
If only you knew I was standing with a net
Against the wall

[Chorus-add on]
Won't vanish in a couple of days
It'll probably take months
Which is something
You don't have many of

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