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Al Kapone

Get Crunk, Get Buck

Al Kapone

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Hey! {*repeat 16X*}

Northside ho! Southside ho! Eastside ho! Westside ho!
{*repeat 3X*}

Get crunk motherfucker, get buck (get buck) {*repeat 2X*}

Northside ho! Southside ho! Eastside ho! Westside ho!
Get crunk motherfucker, get buck (get buck) {*repeat 2X*}

[Al Kapone]
That's the way it is, it ain't no other nigga stoppin it
When Kapone, grab the microphone you know I'm rockin it
If I was, sippin on some syrup then I'd be choppin it
I'm the one, with the combination so I'm lockin it
If I had some Crist', or some Mo' then I'd be poppin it
Man you know this bumpin but you hatin so you knockin it
When I wrote this rap I hit the yo and started droppin it
I'ma tell myself that I'm the shit and ain't no toppin this
You might say it's arrogant, but I say it's confidence
I'm just havin fun with it, take it and I run with it
If you want some of this, get when I'm done with it
All that negative energy that you give I don't want none of it
I'ma keep it crunk with my dawgs and my shorties too
Make way, fo' a real nigga cause I'm comin through
What's my name? Al Kapone, Mackapeezy,
some may call me Scarface Al
Super crunk, super wild, this the way I move the crowd

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Northside ho! Southside ho! Eastside ho! Westside ho!
Get crunk motherfucker, get buck (get buck) {*repeat 2X*}

[unknown guest - repeat 2X]
Now I'm a young nigga and I got y'all buck nigga
I'ma represent, with my dogs and keep it crunk nigga

[Al Kapone]
I'ma keep it rough but other niggaz they be lame with it
Some may say they serious but to me they playin games with it
If you gonna rep it nigga show it why you claimin it
You may never gain unless you goin through some pain with it
While you out here talkin that you dumbin I done came with it
You might think you different but the truth
you still the same with it
Nigga this a struggle, ain't no motherfuckin shame in it
Too many accept the way it is instead of changin it
But I'm gon', flip it up, take the shit and rip it up
Ain't no lie I smoke a little po' some drank and sip it up
Haters need to give it up, cause you never break me down
Buckin with the real nigga, represent your side of town


[Al Kapone]
This ain't a game, this the life that I lead,
real nigga 'til I'm frozen
Gift from the almighty let me know I'm chosen
While you haters hopin, that I'm never pokin
out, like some Spre's, steady spinnin cause I'm focused
Crunk, from the jump, this ain't no front, check my resume
Some of y'all was colors I was buckin since the early day
M-Town bound, that's my city I was born and raised
Still in the game just to keep the record straight
North, where you at? South, where you at?
East West represent, my nigga handle that
I see these others out here takin but I'm givin back
And I ain't trippin, I can't help it I'm just trill like that
Now I'm no super thug... {*lyrics fade out*}

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