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What is hip hop?
What does it mean?
Where's it come from?
Where's it going?

I love hip hop, when I walk I ditty-bop
New York when I talk, I give my city props
At least every 52 weeks my committee drops
Yet another butta banger, straight off the hanger
All lines are busy, your mind is dizzy
My shine is divine, you'll never find a MC
Greater, Jun 1 operates the fader
In the crates droppin more plates than a clumsy waiter
Now this is what hip hop is
So pay attention son, cause when I'm done there may be a pop
Hip hop is... a DJ cuttin
Adjustin pitches, hittin switches and mashin buttons
Hip hop is... a b-boy struttin
On the dancefloor for the hardcore clout and
We bumrush the show when the doors start shuttin
Hip hop is... when you make somethin out of nothin
Like "jigga-boom-bap, to the beat y'all"
My name in fly colors on a concrete wall
Hip hop is... a style that's wild
A ghetto child lookin for a reason to smile
Hip hop is the application of street knowledge
From modern day situations not learned in college
This is real life, real MC's with steel mics
A juggle, a constant struggle when you feel strife
Hip hop is... a way of hope, a display of dope
That started in the Bronx to spread across the globe
That's what hip hop is
(Check it out
Is New York in the house, make some noise!)
Hip hop is... "Let me see your hands in the sky"
Hip hop is... "Damn, that jam was fly!"
Hip hop is... "Clap your hands, stomp your feet"
Change the beat, this is what they playin in the streets
Hip hop is... when you feel the treble and bass
And your heart starts to race at an incredible pace
That's what hip hop is
(People in the place)
That's hip hop y'all
(People in the place)
(Say ho-o)
(People in the place)
(Say awww)
(People in the place)
(Say ho-o)
(People in the place to be)
(I'ma lay it on your right now)
(Rock and you don't stop)
(Rock on)
(Rock and you don't stop)
(Rock on)
(Rock and you don't stop)
(Rock on)
(Rock and you don't stop)
(Rock on)
(...mike is gonna say all the rhymes that you like)

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