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Once upon a time, but not too far
Channel spirits, smoking this cigar
It's herbs, magic, all the healing
What’s good, ma? Let me give you a reading
Not saying that I’m coming for you
But when I throw this eye, you’ll look like a fool
Motherfucker, I'm a madame (la madama)
Don’t get me started on all your drama
Something mysterious, not from hell
I’ll make you twitch, let me cast a spell
Salty skin, miss hot caramel
Brown sugar princess, ringin' 'em bells
Look like fish (attitude is piranha)
Twirling on these hoes (una gitana)
I’ll tell you a secret (mira, escucha)
Fuck with me (soy una bruja)

I’m the realest, none of me’s fake
I set fire to the rain like a witch at the stake
Scared? Let me tell you a story
I don’t need blood to get really gory
You feeling insane? Got you losing your brain?
Hallucinating, bet you’re feeling this pain
I see these smiles turning into frowns
I’m binding these bitches, nancy downs
Scrap that, I’m a metaphoric demon
My bars come in packs, attack like a legion
I'm well-protected, spiritual condom
Throw you a pity party, that's maudlyn
I’m that bitch, I cause paralysis
Got eyes hitting back, sleep analysis
Dangerous, don’t need no guns
Twisted cunt, speaking in tongues

Straight from the coven, I conjure, I summon
Shook, they runnin’ ‘cause, yes, I bludgeon
Pervasive, persuasive, I’m not on no safe shit
And no, I’m not fakin', smudge me with that sage shit
Los santos, orichá, qué bonita
Mamita bendita con luz prendida
Y ya no me diga porque es mi vida
Y cada día hago brujería

I am glinda, the witch of eastwick
Rosenberg, willow, magic tricks
Gold dust woman like I’m stevie nicks
I am sabrina the teenage bitch
Give me that charmed, I got that hoodoo for you misses
Marie laveau, I got that voodoo for you witches
From rags to riches, I am so vicious
Yet so delicious, but never malicious
Into the woods, this is my hood
I’m doing these things, bitches wish that they could
They just sad and I’m here sittin'
Their magic ain’t nothin' like the fire I’m spitting
I am a dragon, I will drag you
By the end of this track your name will be taboo
My name is a spell (watch me spell it)
A juicy ass (bum bitch repellant)
A-j-a (didn’t you get it?)
Carry the force (a fucking propellant)
I’m the extreme, crème de la cream
Fiona, I'm goode, I am the fucking supreme

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