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Aird Righ

The Crucifixion Of The Damned

Aird Righ

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I've read the book of unspoken words.
Alone - and not afraid what me expect.
Black magic and unholy spells written in blood,
Opened me the door to the blackened part - of my soul
I've turned the pages of forgotten lust, resurrection and necrophobia
I am the damned and satan is my god - for salvation - is it to late
Feelings of unknown aggressions - confirmed by hate

The priest
Nail him to the cross,
Burn his stake
And disperse his ashes,
To brake the spell!
We' re searching - for his saviour!

Crucify - crucify - crucify
Son of satan - burn
Light up the stake - expel the breed of hell

Nailed on a wooden cross
A nail was smashed in hands and feet
Exhausted from my divine benediction
One moment before my body dies
I feel a strange power inside of me

I'm burning - satan grape my soul
Make me immortal
To slay the christians

Wings growing in my back,
Two horns sprout out of my forehead,
My body is transforming into a demon.
I spread my wings out and escape.
Far away from holy realms
To regenerate - my powers

The christ shall burn - by my will
I am the almighty
The servant of satan

The servant
Crucify - crucify - crucify
Frail christians - die
Light up the church - expel the child's of god

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