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The Forgotten Realm (Left Behind)


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Toe to toe with your ghost
I must be chasing a vagabond
Seeping into Netherworld
And under pavement I find all the things left behind
Being fair for those squares
Never gets you ahead of the line
They put me last on their list
So I put them on one of my own
Left Behind

I am starting to believe that I'll never get from underground
And I can't believe it
I thought I'd be with the ones walking toward a setting sun
And I can't believe I?m a thing left behind

Verse II:
Wishing they could be here
All the balloons that cast their weights and blew far
We could sink as despots
But Pandora still holds hope in jars left behind

I?m the muse of every song that's ever peeled from off your tongue
I know you believed in me
I didn't travel to this world to be my private holocaust
And I can't believe that you'd leave me behind
(I?m here waiting for you)

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