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The Melting of Asphalt


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don't ask, don't push your limits
I will protect thee,
mesmerize the womb and feed the newborn lies
for I will
hold the sky above
from falling down on you

and he said hail me!
hail me - with a thought
of not an enemy
but an admonition:
you will be left alone
when the asphalt melts

against the gale, I won't die
build more walls,
exaggerate the Leviathan of hygienic dreams
for I am
the meat grinding genocide
you haven't been waiting for

and he said nail me!
nail me - with the fist
with the sword
uh, don't say a word
I want to die in peace
when the asphalt melts

for I am
smallpox with a kevlar vest
ha, black death with intelligence

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