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Satanic Triumph


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Stars of morning
Under the occult sign
I honor you eternally
With great pride
I won't obey to paradise
I will reign in hell

In hell!!!
Stars of morning
Is your, my victory
Oh!!! Sovereign serpent
Satan master of eternal clarity
I will triumph!!!
Satan, conqueror of lost souls
For the supreme art of the evil
I open the gates of the shadows
Invoking the dammed spirits

Rebelled angel of the light
My nefast rage proclaims
Under a glorious torment
The revenge of the darness
The dark lord
And infernal host triumphant

Camouflaged among the shadows
Taken by infernal winds
Condemned by the sins
Under the eternal domain of evil
Inside of my heart
Habitat diabolical souls
Thirsty souls for blood.
That proclaim freedom.

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