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Luciferian Age


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Lucifer !
Your name runs in the eternal winds
Above the veil of supreme evil

The bestial shadows
Echoes in the profound abyss
Hail luciferian age!

A blazing shady force
Burning in my impure heart
Announces a glorious golden tomorrow
An imponnent and obscure tomorrow
Where perpetuated eminent
and new cosmic age

The age of hillel
The rex majestic
Hail luciferian age!
Hail luciferian age!

Lucifer! Supreme emperor
To the glory of your name
I offer my flesh
And my blood

Lucifer! Omnipotent serpent
To your kingdom
I offer my spirit
And my soul

Like lightenings and thunders
Your dark aura manifests
Destroying the silence
Cutting the skies!

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