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Broken Memories


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Voice of the wind, is the soundtrack of this night
It's difficult to wonder without a destination
The eternal sky looks sad today, clouds hide its face
It's difficult to wonder without a destination

As I travel in my dreams
Pictures come across my eyes
Fallen memories conquer my brain
Past awaits me for a strange travel
Spend your days in a prison cell of crawling thoughts
Bound to break from the endless lash of painful doubts
I wish I had never met you, your eyes like an abyss
That I fall deep inside…and then kills me...
I feel the pain…I feel the pain…
Eternity's end has come, I can't escape
I feel so isolated inside my memories
I must erase this plastic view
No way… it's real… you say…
My melodies are drawing you
I can't escape but I'll try
My thoughts are orchestrating your song
I can't escape but I'll try
try to believe, try to protect
try to understand, try to regret
try to live on, try to forgive
I feel you inside me
I can't breathe

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