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Aggressive Mind

Pond Of Desperation

Aggressive Mind

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Mourners lament at my departure
Standing in a circle, they start to weep
Their tears assemble, stream to one
Filling the Pond of Desperation

Swallowed by the void, blachened encounter
Try to find myself, among chilling mist
A lullaby guides me through the dark
Reaching the Pond of Desperation

I pass eager through the soil
To become one with the earth
See myself in the blank water
Covered with dirt, kneel down to the shore
Percieve mute cries beyond surface
Desecrate moaning by waves of touch

I neat my face in their tears
Eyes start bleeding, itching pain within
Grief, despair, and agony entered
Clearing the Pond of Desperation

Scream into the dark, sneers resound
Plunged in monumental dismay
Refound myself before insanity
Cursing the Pond of Desperation

Wish to be dead - want to lay down
Bury myself - Swallowing dirt
Asphyxiation - breath their last breath, their tears inside
Second farewell - this once release

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