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Aggressive (Colombia)


Aggressive (Colombia)

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Once were men alive
With own cultures, their pride, communities so natural
Organized social order
Like each society there were ants and drones
Highly qualified
Hands touched by gods, constructions so precise
That were in past time
Owners of the land, which they're thrown away now
Sacred were the gods created
Whom they used to give praise
The earth like mother was accepted
By her sons to take care of her

But from the sea
The tide brought ships
Full of demigods, moon skin tall and bearded
Bringing divine gift
Behind the wickedness to sweeten well the prey
Using a cross
What a weird thing!!!
That those men held to obligate to carry
That are in risk
To be seen only in museums like antiquities
All this brilliance penetrated
Into some minds confused
Erasing idiosyncrasy conserved
for thousands of years of life

Penetration of fragments
from extrinsic cultures
Is disturbing now the calm between indigenous themselves
Contempt to their own race
Is produced
Into some of them who have forgot their nature
Half-breed people now despise
Their native blood
Idiosyncrasy is lost and people forget the roots

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