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Aggression Tales

A Psycho Growth

Aggression Tales

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A psycho growth
By aggression tales
Part of “scribbles in blood”

There was a day
In a party came the rage
The very first date with my violence
The discovery of my life

Year after year
I’m getting closer near
Of my reality, the daily inner hate
There’s no guilty, but the “law man” does the game

Since now

Bastard, idiot
Addicted, officer

Rejection always
Drunk rape son
All days keep on rape me
Cause it’s the only way
All days keep on hit me
That’s how he lives to be him

I do what i want, there’re no promises
I’m sick and tired of this life
I always had it inside
I always saw it my way

This night i think that is the night
You did it four times `till now
But five times man… no fucking way at all

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