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Against Tolerance

Chapter One: No More

Against Tolerance

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I cannot take this
Is everyone blind?
Their silence hurt me
I will not take this

The fat bitch has a metal heart (how dare you?)
They can't even se that she's dead inside!
How can you laugh so hard? (he must be high on something!)
It's their indiference that tear us apart

No more

Their smiles just show that they're rotten to the core

Why justice's only brought to those who can pay (you'll pay for it!)

It has gone to far but what should I do?
I will never forget this, I can never forget this

They must be saved from their own selves
How can I save their souls?

The gun, the gun is the solution, the gun is absolution, there will be no more pain

They must be saved from their own selves

(Will I do this? Am I so arrogant as to claim responsability over their lives like that?
But that, that would make me just like them

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