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Against The Fire

Multitude Of Reasons

Against The Fire

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Show me a knife and ill show you conversation.
This isnt love, no its interrogation
So, uh, girl what are you doing here?
What are you doing here?

Im sorry, so sorry, so sorry, i did.
No, i don't know what this has become,
Some learn and i've learned we're done.
Locked doors, no keys to the apartment.
Oh, stop
Nobody knows

Summer nights are always lonely,
I can tell youre holding something
I don't believe a word that you say

If youd understand,
That im not the type of boy with great demands,
But youre just that type of girl
If youd understand,
That im only looking out to lend a hand,
But youre not that kind of girl.

What did you say to me
To make me bleed so hard?
Now i'm calling the guards,
Cause i don't know what you're doing here.

what are you doing here?
and we'll break down the door,
and we'll break every bone in your body,
bone in your body.

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