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Dark Side Of Creation


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Uncanny shades make me haunted
Fireflies seem like a demon's eyes
The sharp edge of the night stabs, shedding blood
Eternal darkness imprisons my frozen mind

Black leaves are calling me
Growing fear inside of me
With every whisper that I hear from the mist
The evil is searching and chasing me

Under the roaring of the sky with red blaze
Then Swallow me the dreadful and everlasting flames
I'm doomed to live in pain eternally
They will torture me infernally

They want to take me, take me down to hell
The dark side of creation is waiting for me there
Torment in obscurity, my soul will possessed
A stern assembly I have to face

The heat will have grown cold
Then there will be nothing in my world
But the greater terror, I will be slain
Neither my bone nor my flesh will remain

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