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Arctic Palm Tree


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(rap chorus)
it just don't make sense
the way you praise their ignorence
the way you like their stupidness
the way you hate their happiness
the way you enjoy their sadness

(vocals chorus)
it's just like an arctic palm tree
you know i cant see
far in front of me
you know it don't make sense
the way you expect me
to understand everything you say
i'd like to keep you at bay

you're so unaware
that i don't care
you can't help but stop and stare
you know i can't spare
a single moment of my life
to care

(vocals chorus)

you think that i'm so dumb
you think that my brain is numb
you think that i don't understand
you think that i stopped beforehand
you think that everyone is below you
you wanna be in our crew
i can see that clearly
just like an arctic palm tree

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