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Sword Of Desecration


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Curtains of darkness soon to be revealed
Declaration of death soon to be done

Deny jesus christ, it's time for open the eyes
Turn away, your minds from the filthy book of lies
We breed, the chaos, the damnation of the heaven
For darkness we hail, we summon the furious flame

Draw the swords of desecration
Darkness gives us immortality...

From the depths, we rise, we rise with demon eyes
In the shadows, we rage, we strike like infernal hate
Blackened wings in the sky, we summon the eternal night
In the name of Satan, we ruin your temples and burn your churches

Spill the blood of the holy clergy
Kill them all, we'll show no mercy
Impale the weak followers of light
Disgrace, death, ultimate genocide

Desecrating the holy altars
Inverting the holy crosses
Under those blackened wings
Ends the christian tale

The triumphant of the black war shall be ours
You're enslaved by the lenghtening shadows

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