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Tower of Strenght


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Encircled, ensnared
My enemies have laid siege to me
Oppressed, inflicted
Poisonous arrows aimed at me

Victimized, terrorized
Those who hate me gather for attack
Grieved, deceived
Wrapped in drapes so black

There is but one
To whom I can run
I know only of one place
Where I'll truly be safe

I'm being chased like
An animal through darkened woods
Vicious beasts
Hounding at my tail

Ominous shadows
Crouching down over me
Their hands of ice
Stretching out to grasp my heart

Who can save me
Who'll release me
Where can I flee
Where, but to thee

But I'll escape from my foes
From the stalking wolves
From these haunting ravens
I've found a safe haven

The LORD I will proclaim
I hide within his name
My fortress in times of war
I find protection within your walls

My keep, my stronghold
Well tried since days of old
My shield, my eternal defence
My refuge, my tower of strength

Who can save me
Who'll release me
Where can I flee
Where, but to thee

In here evil cannot reach
These gates they cannot breach
Fog of deception cannot infiltrate
Unholy weapons cannot penetrate

You are my sanctuary
Your love, unconditionally

Who will save you?

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