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The Holy Grail


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He took a cup, gave it to them,
Saying, "drink of it, all of you,
For this is my blood of the covenant,
Which is for many outpoured
For the forgiveness of sins.

Since fall of man ages ago
Death has been our cardinal foe
Our gretest quest has been to find
And regain immortality for mankind

Lamb of god was for us slain
In remembrance we lift his cup of pain
His life now runs in our veins
Forces of destruction no longer reigns

If you´ll consume this holy wine
And be filled from this spring divine
His victory will be made thine
So join us brethren of the sacred bloodline

Washed off is stains from path of doom
Past is lands of shadow and gloom
Through the blood we are clean
My entity made pristine

Quench your thirst with the holy grail
Its reviving power will never fail
The risen prince of life we hail
The gates of hell shall not prevail

We partake of this ancient ritual
We drink from the source of life eternal
We have found the well of renewal
We´ll be raptured beyond this realm temporal

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