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Adina Howard

Adina Howard

Adina Howard tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "I Wants Ta Eat", "Crank Me Up", "My Up And Down".

225 acessos

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  1. Baby Come Over
  2. Buttnaked
  3. Coolin' In The Studio
  4. Crank Me Up
  5. Damned If I do
  6. Do You Wanna Ride?
  7. Do You Want a Ride?
  8. Doin' 80
  9. Don't Come Too Fast
  10. Freak And You Know It
  11. Freak Like Me
  12. Freaks
  13. Horny For Your Love
  14. I Wants Ta Eat
  15. I'll Be Damned If I Apologize
  16. If We Make Love Tonight (featurng Cat Daddy Ro)
  17. It's All About You (featuring Andrea Martins)
  18. It's Not Over
  19. Lay Him Down
  20. Let's Go To Da Sugar Shack
  21. Let's Roll
  22. Like me
  23. Missing You
  24. My Up And Down
  25. Nasty Grind
  26. Next Experience
  27. Phone Sex
  28. Picture This
  29. Say What You Want
  30. Sexual Needs
  31. Strawberries
  32. T-shirt & Panties (remix)
  33. T-Shirt And My Panties On
  34. Tease
  35. That Man
  36. Up And Down
  37. Wanna Be
  38. What's Love Got To Do With It
  39. You Can Be My Nigga
  40. You Don't Have To Cry
  41. You Got Me Humpin'
  42. You Got Me Humpin' (featuring Def Jeff And Lsd)

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