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Just Another Day


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It's just another day that I lay here awake
Its four am I can't sleep the thoughts rapidly rate
Frightening dreams where does peace begin to situate
Believin it's in the depths of death
YES i've felt it.
Suspect life has to have some reason that it's haunting me, instead of helping.
Sweltering under the covers of my own injustice
Smothering innocence
Just watch my eyes rupture
Under fire from those I don't even admire
Retire my parents dreams of ever being higher
Will the darkness acquire a stronger hold over me
The pressure too much for my head
My nose starts to bleed then my hand start to shake
Like the uncontrollable way my hearts starts to ache
Savagely, it becomes too much for me to take
SO I close my eyes and breath
Please let these feelings pass quickly
I pray its not a bad one
Heart collapses
No one understands when the attacks come strong
Sweating into 6 am . .now its dawn
Full on perplexion
I've already run a marathon threw my head. .
And I haven't even got out of bed yet. . damn.

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