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Ad Noctum

Excellence of Supremacy

Ad Noctum

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Deity of darkness approaching
descended from their thrones of might
we are the four horsemen of the apocalypse
riding with our wrath abd vengeance

Death will sweep the landscapes
for none shall bear the crown
unberable was the weight of the world

Beneath the black abyss of horrors
surrounded by majestic towers
awaits the infernal horde
we obtain the excellence of supremacy
dreadful demons in agony
finally unleashed from torment
to a bloodshower of rage

Screams og the millions slaughtered
rises to heaven high
desceration og the divine
the bells of doom calls the final sunset
the hammer on hte anvil rings

Let the gates of chaos open
and spawn of disharmony awaken
arise to suffocate
all creations of infernal hate
entomb thy self
secured by certin death

Millions perrish in flames
now let armageddon reign

Reap the fields of the raped
behold the scorched corpses
mutilated and twisted in agony
uncomprehensiv to their faith
appear once again from darkness
emerge from the shadows

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