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Ad Inferna

You As My Own Drug

Ad Inferna

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Blood has its own needs
Even ethics cannot explain
Needs you without any limit
Lusts for Death without fear
To stop this decline, now
To die for not being
A slave to your mental image
May this irremediable fall cease now!

Vision obsesionnelle
Possession charnelle
You as my own Drug

Assimilation mortelle
Addiction réel
You as my own Drug

Body has its own needs
That ethics cannot excuse
To go beyond and to forget for a while
Who I am, who I was
To burst into tears and to drown myself
In the world of your eyes
To be born again, happy this time around

Esclave emotionelle
Domination charnelle
You as my own Drug

Dépression éternelle
Ad immortel
You as my own Drug

I have seen myself dying, in silence,
Waiting for the salvation
By this injection
I have seen myself getting lost
My smile and my lust for life
The Mind has its own needs
That the Body does not accept
The Heart has its own pain
That only Death may ease off

Victime intensionnel
Cicatrice sensuelle
You as my own Drug

Libération essentiel
Ad sensioriel
You as my own Drug

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