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Act Strange

Strangers (A)rt.

Act Strange

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It's been 30 years since.
But he's the chosen
To climb that mountain of nails.
Before she enters he's place
[Hugo]:The strangers act scares us all
It reminds of our fall
and something about him that keeps
Me holding to it.
Heard he's never going home.
He's gone?

[Hugo]:Sketches he draws comes alive
the painter and creator of life
But wait! it this it?

[Author]:Hugo's friend were not so close to him
So he pretend'd,
That a doll were rare company, and the
Animal headed guy, Sean, well he just stabbed
he's way trough life. But mom learned him better, so
Frank said to him,
[Frank]: Sean, are you that one?, we heard that
you could explain to me how to better

[Sean]:Meat me back home, the reason is still there, and
Norma will show the vault we had locked
[Frank]: You saw people back then?, liar, liar!

[Mom]: 30 years now it seems we just lost the bond
And how stubborn we are
They lurk'd in our own cellar so far

[Jens]:A royal house paid for my tax in all ways
Just like the sins of this medium, she
Saw the dark man expanding,
Well Norma said,
- Jens, me friend, are you the one ?
- Cause we heard that
you could explain to me how to (get) better

and then

[Author]:Hugo, hang in a snare, When Edgar where near
To find his old friend, Hugo from the days
Back at school they bullied Norma and Sean when they harmed us

[Author]:You gave it to them
Like someone trying to make a differense
Then Edgar scream: are you that?! Blind torturer, that hit a the brick in the
wall, it's to early but I just fell tofree run upon, that light huge mountain
We just could say our prayers' to our friends, that helped us is hard times, they cared.

[Sean]:My sisters name where Laura, and me I'am Sean
I just fell free to do what ever
I want.

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