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I followed you down to the water
Kept a nightwatch from the rocks as you departed
I was watching you slip into darkness, darling

You never noticed me trail you down the pathway
Into the vast mysterious open body
Do you think you'll end up back where you started, darling

500 steps to the lookout on the lighthouse
11 seconds between lightning and the thunder
You're 20 miles away now from me on the water

I believe in you
I believe in infinity

Cause I was watching you join the horizon
I was watching you sign the confession
I had followed you down to the water, darling

I believe in truth
I believe in infinity

Look I don't know if you're a lover or a friend
But I was hoping that you'll be with me again
Maybe in Georgia or the California town
Where we went running kicking stones up off the ground

So there you go
So there you go
So there you go
So there you go

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