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Across The Delta

The Intensive Alibi

Across The Delta

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This is the next scene
This imagination is a need
Characters selected well
Fit together, a perfect set

Just a second to be right
For a moment out of time
In a second own a life
That moment my empire

It wakes the pessimist in me
Clean the lens to fim this scenery
Is it better now, how do you handle this

Paint is black or white
Choose colours if you like
Us all time to paint
Your alibi is a compliment

Collect parts of the puzzle
Complete it without any hustle
When all impressins are toghter
Intensity does matter

More seconds to be right
In the intensive alibi
In a second i am right
In that moment my empire

After long sunsets, comes the night
Close the eyes, hear the lullabies

I count, i stare
Every detail is there
Its right never wrong
And somehow i belong to

Can you see it too?
How is that for you?

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