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Across Silent Hearts

The Secret (They Called Me Mozart, But I Fucked It Up)

Across Silent Hearts

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Make your part
In this play
I won't forget
I'll keep my patience
Wait till the day to start agression
Bitch, if you only knew
What I have been through
You'd keep your mouth shut

The earthquake will remind you
Glimpse of the darkest days
I'll take you underground
To show you where's your place
No sound
Your pride will make you numb
And when you fall down
I know you will stay alone

Every time you want to abuse me
Don't waste your words against the wall
To satisfy thirst of amusement
I'll make a false sign that you have won

Like a king who's been dethroned
You're trying to prove your exception
And smile at every mistake
That I will probably make
Won't say it twice
Your tower is not something special
But you're looking down
You're looking down

Another time
We'll change the sides
And you will find
The truth that hurts you
And brings you down

Competition has begun
I always hide a trump
You always show your gun
Empty faces
They only smile
And when you lose
They'll turn aside

No turning back
(Noone will save you)
Work on mistakes
(Work on mistakes)
This is the secret
(This is your problem)
You can't understand

There is no resistance
I am sure if you change your mind
Don't think of the distance
Think of way you live your life

Bitch, you thought it was real?
Now prepare to feel explosion
It's time to stand on your knees
It's payback, bitch
This is death penalty

Never expect mercy
This is the end
Maybe one day only
I will forget

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