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Across Silent Hearts

Hit & Crash

Across Silent Hearts

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Against the wall
That's how I live
I live
Whatever happens to me

Scars on your hands
Sometimes life goes not like you want
But if you take the worst and let it go
Let it go

Once I thought I was dead
My angel came to me
With smile he brought me back desire
And if I fall again
I know there's someone I will let down

But you should be all right
Cause I need you, feel you

I am going through the challenge
There's no sign and there's no lantern
But I still believe in I

Growing I see the truth
Don't tell me what are you plans
Before you have won this game
So can you hear?
Bitch, instead of boasting showing off
You'd better show what you're made of
Your deeds will say more than your words
Before you take your last breath
So here I'm hitting the bottom
But there's the only way to rise
I'm looking forward to escape
From this doldrums
Thank God I see a support in your eyes
In your eyes

You've saved me from my doldrums
My fears have gone away
This time I'm not so lonely
So are my dreams today

Sometimes the things you expect
Turn upside down but you shouldn't regret

I am going through the challenge
There's no sign and there's no lantern
Said I am reaching my aim
Reaching my aim
And I feel it

I'll never it all was worth trying
Everyone I've met
Has played his part in my life
I'll take my chance
(I'll take my chance)
I'm not afraid
(I'm not afraid)
Once was under the pressure
But now it's gone
(But now it's gone)

You can solve it all on your own
If you try again your attempts
When you're feeling you're not alone
Not alone

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