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Acid Reign

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Man is the victim
Man is the culprit
Man is the judge
Man is the jury
Man is responsible for his own fate
His own worst enemy, his own worst FEAR
Living under threat from his creation
Living under threat from the seed he's sown

Humanoia - Ironic but true
Humanoia - The eternal disease

Life is a circle
A test for us all
One long confusion
A question of sorts
Can we control our animal instincts
Lift ourselves above the animal world
Care for our habitat and for the future
Try to plan ahead instead of regress


Struggle for power
Struggle for peace
Struggle for rights
Struggle for life
It's easy to forget pain of others
Distance softens every blow
There's a lot of problems in this world
That have to be dealt with one by one


Only hold questions, hope for answers
Must be a way we can learn
For time to come, preserve our race
We can only learn from our mistakes
Man holds the key
Man holds the cure
Man caused the disease
Man has no answer

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