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Accept Death

I'm Sick

Accept Death

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You watch in agony
Spikes through your hands
Nailed to the wall
You can't believe your eyes
As I mutilate the corpus before you,the intense gaze in my eyes
I love your screams
I can't help but kuckle
I slice the skin off it's face
And taste its bounty
Licking down it's torso
And tasting it's cunt,now you know fear
I get so excited
I masterbate over the corpus
Disgusted you cry in fear
With knife in hand
I cut the flesh
Hacking and tearing
Through the neck
The head is free
Don't worry it is your turn now
Your death will be something new
With the corpus's hair
Clench in my grip
I beat the side of your head in
The sound of collating skulls is so exquisite
Blood pours from your mouth
I caress the caved in side of your face
And kiss your bloody lips.

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