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She Wants To Change The World (But She's Not Changing)


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This kind of came as as a surprise to me
The night you set me free
Without any notice
Sitting down in this old restaurant
Where we once fell in love
We hadn't been there for a while
You go your way
And I'll go mine
We weren't right from the start
I'll take a day
Off work and say
We're better of being apart

She said it's more than just a passing phase
She wants to change the world and rearrange it
She said it takes more than a little space
She wants to change the world, but she's not changing
When you went on about your theories
And the conspiracies
Along the way you lost me
I made the most out of our time
You were not unlike quicksilver
A toxic kind of versatile

You have your ways
I won't deny
You had me right from the start
The big ideas
The strong ideals
They're not what set you apart
Replacing memories' not easy, I'll move on
Do hope you find for what you long
For what it's worth, we had our fun

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