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Kevin Schaffer Intro:
"We believe that the human voice is the most versatile instrument ever created.So we wanted to do just a little bit of improv for you and kind of give you a taste of some of the different sounds that we can do.And we thought it would be fun.I think we'll start with the bass tonight."

Instrupella (Gary Evans, Steve Maxwell, Kevin Schaffer, and Barry Wilson (in order of entrance))

Kevin Schaffer:
"Be gentle.Be be gentle.Gentle."

Steve Maxwell:
"Barry... did you take your medicine?"

Kevin Schaffer:
"Steve, it's the hair"
"It's attaching to his brain."

Steve Maxwell:
"Barry if you can continue with this, and not do what you were just doing, we all would appreciate that.And I'll see to it that we get your medicine to you."

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